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Today I am feeling a little blue.  I watched 19 Kids and Counting, about the Duggar family and their latest addition a premature baby, Josie.  How precious it would be to hear the sound of children in our home.  It is so quiet.  I would give anything for the sound of a newborn baby crying.

I am trying to visualize being pregnant.  It seems so unattainable.  The true test is emunah (faith).  Hashem hears our prayers and He wants to provide brachas (blessings) to His children.  I am after all His precious daughter.

The only thing to do dear reader is to let go and trust.  Easier said than done but there is a sense of peace and calmness that arises.  Right now my emuna is low.  Yet I must go on and smile.  Life is beautiful with all its possibilities.  Who know cultivating a positive mental demeanor could lead to a dream come true.  I can still hear my doctor say ” Everything looks good for you to sustain a pregnancy.”

It has been a rough day.  Somehow tomorrow has to be better.

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